Design, manufacture, installation, inspection, and maintenance of overhead hoist crane

We provide design,manufacture, installation,and wiring for various range of cranes from a small size like 1ton to big size like 20ton. We treat overhead crane, jib crane, movable crane. Also we support periodical inspection, and repair rapidly and kindly.


  • Hitachi.Co.,Ltd
  • Nippon Hoist CO.,Ltd
  • Okura Seisakusyo Co.,Ltd
  • KITO.Co.,Ltd
  • Shinko Electric Co.,Ltd
  • Mitsubishi Electric FA Industrial products Co.,Ltd
  • Elephant Chain Block Co.Ltd
  • Panasonic Eco Solutions Steel Pipe & Tube Co.,Ltd
  • Sanyo Shoji Co.,Ltd
  • etc

The first unit of 4.8t overhead hoist crane

2t overhead hoist crane

1t telpher crane

4.8t portal crane

1t movable crane

Test weight (up to 20tons)