Company Profile

Company Name SEIKYO.Co.,Ltd
Representative CEO Takamasa Suzuki
Establishment April 1st 1970
Capital stock 20million yen
Number of employees 32


  • 3-5-5 Omika-cho Hitachi-city,Ibaraki Japan 3191221
    TEL:+81(294)52-0691 FAX:+81(294)52-0676

<Ota Factory>

  • 519-1 Ome-cho Hitachiota-city,Ibaraki Japan 3130033
    TEL:+81(294)33-6215 FAX:+81(294)33-6216

<US Branch>

  • 955 Sandpiper circle Westlake Village, CA 91361
Main bank
  • Joyo Bank
  • Tsukuba Bank
Main Customer
  • Hitachi Co.,Ltd (Power Systems)
  • Hitachi Co.,Ltd (Service & Platform Business Unit)
  • Hitachi Co.,Ltd (Railway Busines Unit)
  • Hitachi Power Solutions Co.,Ltd
  • Hitachi Industrial Equipment Marking Solutions Inc
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems CO.,Ltd
  • BeniCyu Coil Center Kanto CO.,Ltd
  • Kokubu Electric Corp
  • ABB
  • Hitachi Plant Mechanics Co.,Ltd
  • Hitachi High-tech Solutions Co.,Ltd
  • Beckhoff Automation LLC


Ota Factory


1970 Seikyo Electric Construction Co.,Ltd was founded by Shoji Suzuki
1982 Tarazaki Factory was opened in Katsuta City. It started medium voltage switchgear called "High Safe Cubicle".
1985 First unit of 4.8t overhead crane was installed in Hitachi works.
1995 Tarazaki factory started manufacturing metal crad switchgear.
2001 US branch was opened
2004 Design department was opened in Tarazaki factory.
2006 First unit of 6.6kV switchgear was installed in Hitachi engineering and service Co.,Ltd.
2008 Painting sheet metal department was opened in Tarazaki factory.
2009 First unit of outside use enclosure comforming JIS stardard was delivered to Hitachi Chemical.Co.,Ltd
2009 Tarazaki factory moved to Ota factory located in Hitachi-Ota City, Ibaraki.
2013 ISO9001,ISO14001 were certified by Moody International certification.
2013 Registered for First kind Fluorocarbons recovery operators.
2015 New paint plant was extended in Ota factory. It also started powder coating as well as solvent paint.
2016 Manufacturing Motor control center was started.

Photo Gallery

The entrance of Ota Factory

The front of Ota Factory

The front of the office in Ota Factory site

The assembly work space

The overhead crane

The workbench

The front of the model and VCB assembling chamber

The interior of the model and VCB assembling chamber

The interior of the coating booth

The front of the coating booth

The interior of the office

The president's-cum-reception room